November 4, 2003

To IGS Realty Co..

When we moved to the 336 west 37th street on the summer of 2000 we felt right away that it was a good choice. The landlord was cordial and easygoing, the manager and super, at hand and helpful.

Since then we saw many changes and the arrivals of new tenants, which added look and prestige to the building, making it for us even a more enjoyable place to be and work.

For making all this possible we want to take a moment and express our gratitude to Phillippe Ifrah president of I.G.S. Realty and his staff.

Thank you very much.

Moreno Giannaccini
St. #701

"I couldn't ask for a better location!"

"336's Central Manhattan location keeps me close to my clients, and keeps my business in the heart of several industries at once. My southwest exposure keeps the sunlight right where I need it throughout the day! I couldn't ask for a better location!"

Tony Cordoza, Photographer
7th Floor


9TH FLOOR - NYC 10018

Fitzkaplan has enjoyed the past three years on the 9th floor of 336 W 37th Street. When we signed our lease in 2000 we were one of the few non garment businesses in the building. We have seen the building change dramatically these past few years, as more and more Arts related businesses have moved in. The comradery of the Tenants and the creative atmosphere enhance the operation of our art restoration business.

It has always been a pleasure working with Philippe and Natia, both of whom have always been readily available and attentive to our needs as Tenants. The operation and maintenance of the building has always gone smoothly. We look forward to the continued vibrancy of this developing building and neighborhood.

Eve Kaplan and Diane Fitzgerald
Fitzkaplan Inc.

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